Jewelry Care and Info

General Jewelry Care Tips

Apply lotions, perfumes, and cosmetics before putting on jewelry

☾ Avoid wearing jewelry to the gym

☾ Remove jewelry before entering the shower, bath and pool

☾ Remove jewelry before bed

☾ Store jewelry in a dry place when not in use

☾ Avoid putting jewelry in places it could get tangled or damaged (ex: purses, backpacks)

Methods for Cleaning Your Jewelry

☾ Mild Soap and Water

  • Add mild dish soap to warm water
  • Using a soft, lint free cloth or a soft bristle toothbrush, gently clean your jewelry piece
  • After a few moments, rinse your piece thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth


  • Sprinkle salt on the cut half of a lemon and rub the copper
  • After a few moments, rinse your piece thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth

☾ Gently buff with a jewelry polishing cloth

Do not use chemical cleaners that contain chlorine, acid, or ammonia as they can damage your jewelry piece.

Copper Jewelry FAQ

☾ Copper does not rust.

Copper jewelry is nickel free.

Bare copper can antique/tarnish like silver. It can be cleaned to restore its rosy shine!

Copper jewelry can turn your skin green. This mostly happens with rings and snug-fitting bracelets. This is not dangerous and is not a reason to panic! This happens due to a natural process called oxidation that occurs when copper is exposed to the air, our sweat, the oils on our skin or any chemicals on our skin (lotions, perfumes, etc.) It will wash off and your jewelry can be cleaned! 


Each piece of jewelry is handmade with love, and intention by Jordan Chantel.

Handmade jewelry is art! When treated as recommended, pieces can last an eternity.